Re-boot Britain – Can We Really Reverse Brexit?

For some, Brexit might sounds like a matter of the past, but the hope to rejoin the EU is still alive and real in the minds of many. William Ranieri met with Peter Cook, author of Reboot Britain, a book aiming to change the minds of the British public on Europe and Brexit. Cook describes Re-boot Britain as a “pan-political advocacy and lobbying network. We aim to restore humanity, humility, democracy and truth in politics to Britain. Forty years of lying, gaslighting, shapeshifting and obfuscation gave us Brexit. Lets’s put the populist genie back in the bottle, by bettering (not copying) the populists at their own wicked games.”

Their aims are “to end Brexit by all reasonable means.  Embracing Reverse, Rejoin, Reform, Reframe and Renew under the umbrella Let’s Re-Boot Britain.”

Peter argues that the problems of Brexit are now showing up, in the coming months and years everything the Leave campaign promised will come undone.

An excerpt from Re-boot Britain may say it best “whatever you were sold in 2016, it becomes apparent that Brexit is a narrow ambition that continues Britain’s love affair with disaster capitalism, lower standards of environmental stewardship and increased carbon footprints from global trading. All happening at a time when the drive to solve world problems requires greater levels of leadership and co-dependency.”

Read more from Peter and Re-boot Britain on their website, here.

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