Draw to Perform by Ram Samocha at Phoenix Art Space!

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Ram Samocha constantly challenges himself with the shift between different mediums, finding new ways of combining two and three dimensions. Samocha’s work focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation and combines drawing with video, installation, sound, and live performance.

During the pandemic situation, Samocha worked with the remnants from his past public drawing performances and created with them a new body of work. He chose to rework them, this time using metalpoint – a traditional and highly skilled drawing technique that is very physical, forcing him to work with a greater focus on the final image. Samocha developed a unique technique by drawing with a drill on the stone paper, which allowed him to transfer the two dimensions of the paper into a three-dimensional object. Working with this technique and with mixed media resulted in unexpected combinations that allowed the artist to build the image gradually, sometimes over months, shifting the centre of his work from a more primal drawing action to a rich and layered new painting.

Ram Samocha is the founder and director of Draw to Perform, a company that promotes drawing performance practice. Along with his upcoming solo exhibition at Phoenix Art Space, Samocha will also curate an international drawing performance festival that will run in the gallery space over two weekends in July (Sat-Sun 9-10 & 16-17 2022). It will include ten live performances, workshops, and artist talk.

For more information about this exciting exhibition, festival, workshops and performances please visit the Phoenix Art Space website.

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