Queer I Am with Andrew Flewitt

Latest’s Yael Breuer is joined by podcaster and creator, Andrew Flewitt who shares what he aims to achieve and celebrate through his podcast, Queer I Am.

‘Queer I Am’, is about being loud, proud, visible and living and celebrating who we are as Queer people. We all have unique stories to tell, and this podcast will inform, educate, and above all else celebrate each and everyone one of us, regardless of where we may be on our journeys. Queer I Am Season 1, is available from July 2nd 2022, and celebrates queer artists and ally’s in Brighton and Hove (UK). Andrew speaks with some of the best drag and and cabaret headliners on the circuit, a photographer, an author, a voiceover artist and a couple of musicians to name and few; every week he will have some interesting and fabulous conversations to share with you.

Andrew Flewitt

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Here’s a list of what you can expect from the show!

* Kara Van Park – Drag Queen * Bille Gold – Femme Cabaret * Daren Kay – Author * Alfie Ordinary – Performer * Antony Edwards – Photographer * Alan Bonner. – Musician * Jimmy Dean – Voice Over Artist * Kathy Caton – BBC Radio Presenter and Brighton Gin Company Founder

Check out the podcast here!

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