Cross-culture ‘Longing’– in conversation with Latest Bill

In this episode of our mini podcast series with Latest Bill, about his new album Colorado Crossroads, we discuss what is potentially its most border-hopping track; ‘Longing’.

Based on an old hiraeth Welsh poem by the same name, Bill ‘found it in a book and changed it around a little bit, but felt that it was just as appropriate for today’. Additionally, ‘Longing’ boast a Spanish-sounding guitar which, through the lens of the album’s Americana-inspired name, brings in the boundless Mexican-American landscape. Bill also reveals how he also added a section of vocals referencing Brighton, cementing the track as one imbued with Celtic, Mexican and even Brightonian tradition.

With guitar contributed by musical legend Julian Tardo and soulful vocals added by Bernie Mac, ‘Longing’ brings together multiple outlooks bound with the universal subject matter of longing for a certain someone.

Listen to the rest of our interview to discover how this sound developed across the album, without Bill even really intending it to.

Listen to the track below!

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