Crossing ‘Wild Colorado Crossroads’– in conversation with Latest Bill

Welcome to our new interview series about Latest Bill’s new album, Colorado Crossroads. In this first mini podcast episode, we discuss the opening track ‘Wild Colorado Crossroads’, as well as the inspiration behind its stirring narrative.

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The first of the album’s reflective ballads, Bill describes ‘Wild Colorado Crossroads’ as ‘an instant in time in which love is all powerful’. Acclaimed artist Julian Tardo of Church Road Studio also came in to help Bill add the track’s signature echoing piano and reverberating vocals.

Bill explains how this expansive effect combines with the song’s setting, the wide and lonely expanses of untamed America, to symbolise the massive lengths one might go to for the person they love. As Bill says, ‘you’d fly the Atlantic, you’d go up the tallest mountain, you’d drive across the city just to be with someone’.

Recounting a moment when ‘two people in the middle of nowhere as somehow together’, ‘Wild Colorado Crossroads’  embodies the ‘happy loneliness’ of love. Listen to the rest of our interview to hear about Bill’s ballad-making history:

And click here to hear the track itself:

Words by Kate Bowie

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