Land and fundraising appeal for local horse sanctuary

Equine Gentling Community Interest Company are searching for 10 acres or more for their horses that have been rescued or re-homed to them. They are currently grazing in North Chailey but need to move on to protect the land.

Owner and founder Dan Corbin says “We always move on once the land has given everything it can, it needs to rest now. Most of our herd were previously domesticated but have been grazing wild for several years and this makes them fantastic conservation grazers. They are used to varied landscapes and they know how to forage for their favourite snacks!”


Equine Gentling are still looking for their ‘forever home’ of around 60 acres and have taken the difficult decision to pause their herd visits and one-to-one sessions until they are able to stop moving. They will continue the lifelong care and rehabilitation of their rescue horses and reach out to the community through pony walks, off site open days and attending local nature days and fetes. Founder Dan Corbin says “We are devastated to have to turn away visitors but our ongoing uncertainty over where we will be grazing next causes too much disruption to the very people we are trying to support. Our vision remains the same, a community herd that shares kindness and freedom of choice with horses and humans alike. To be able to do that we need to be in one place all year round”

If you are able to help these horses or you know of anywhere looking for conservation grazers please get in touch through their website or email


Equine Gentling has just launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise funds to help feed the horses during this extreme weather. Like most horse and livestock owners in affected areas, the prolonged heatwave and drought conditions mean there is no grass or foliage left for the herd to graze on and they are now substituting their feed with hay.

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