Save Madeira Terraces Group Raising Funds Through Christmas Cards

Grade 2 listed Madeira Terrace is the longest cast iron structure in Britain at 865 meters long. Built in 1890, it has been closed to the public since 2012 due to structural damage caused by the marine environment.

In 2019, Brighton and Hove City Council agreed that £550,000 would be made available to start work on the first phase of redevelopment between the Royal Crescent steps and Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall, the Concorde 2 venue, about 40 of the arches, or a quarter of the entire structure. The money comes from the original £2 million reserved for the project.

So far, the local community have raised over £460,000 for restoration of the first 3 arches, an advisory panel has been set up to reflect the needs of the community and a design team have been hired to explore options. It is estimated that £24 million will be required to complete the entire restoration project.

The Save Madeira Terraces Group have started selling their Christmas cards early to start fundraising and raise awareness of the needs and issues surrounding the project, they have raised £30,000 so far and hope to put the money to good use once planning is approved.

William Ranieri spoke with Jax Atkins to find out how we can help.

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