FilmPride, your local LGBTQIA+ film festival, returns to Latest TV!

Following 7 live screenings at The Ledward Centre and Duke’s at Komedia, and a whole weekend at We Are Fabuloso in Preston Park for Brighton & Hove Pride, FilmPride returns to Latest TV. 

Starting on Monday 14th August and running all week at 9pm (with repeats from Monday 21st), expect some of the best in queer indie filmmaking from all over the world!

The programme includes a special queer horror showcase on Sunday 20th, with a short drama set in 1605 against the backdrop of the witch trials, starring Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us). You can read an interview with Requiem’s director Em J. Gilbertson here

Schedule as below – full details of the films are available here

Monday 14th: Identity & Discovery
Five Song Tour
Out Out
See Me: A Walk Through London’s Gay Soho, 1994 and 2020
Grace and Sophie
Drew Adair
Welcome to Celibacy Club

Tuesday 15th: Relationships & Passions – Part 1
Life in Love – Cinthia & Robyn
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Lola vs Ed
Do I Know You From Someone?
Rural Butch Femme Rap

Wednesday 16th: Relationships & Passions – Part 2
Life in Love – Nick & Kaiden
Love Lingers
Eating Papaw on the Seashore

Thursday 17th: Community & Connection – Part 1
Church Camp
Woman Meets Girl

Friday 18th: Community & Connection – Part 2
Sons Of The Night
Public Displays of Affection

Saturday 19th: Queer Perspectives & Transformations
Izzy Aman: The Joy of Drag
Yellow Polka Dot
Well Proud

Sunday 20th: Myths & Mystery
The Monster Within Me
Hex The Patriarchy
Nightmare in Love
The Cruise

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