Inheritance, the Environmental Film Festival, Returns this Month!

Summer’s not (quite) over yet! Inheritance returns to brighten up those rainy days. 

The 9th edition of Northern Ireland’s environmental festival features documentaries, films and animations from Ireland, UK, US, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Morocco, France, Germany and Slovenia, tackling a number of environmental issues.

You can find out more about our programme here

Monday 11th & 18th

• Movers and Shapers
• Kalu – Growing Up Wild
• Teo, the Blue Boy
• Two Worlds, One Journey
• Mercure

Tuesday 12th & 19th

• The Keepers
• Inbetweening Beings
• Siren
• Farm Fresh
• Voyage of Discovery – The Blue Belt Expedition
• The Heaviest Order

Wednesday 13th & 20th
• 8:19
• Las Nogas
• Piano-Soleil
• The Farmer and the Sea
• El Canto del Quetzal

Thursday 14th & 21st
• Outstanding In Her Field
• Water
• Around the World on a Wild Fish Chase
• Blackbird

Friday 15th & 22nd
• Wild Reconnection
• And the Deluge
• The Big Steppe

Saturday 16th & 23rd

• Fair Seas – the Atlantic Northwest
• The Lost Beach Towel
• Aphrodite’s Wave
• Tree Lines
• The Scarecrow

Sunday 17th & 24th

• Opossum
• Water, Star Medicine
• Waldeinsamkeit
• Saving: Hope

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