Winter is Coming! Inheritance is Back

Northern Ireland’s environmental festival is back for a Winter season.

The programme of this 10th edition includes documentaries, animations and short films from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Iran, Norway, Switzerland, Jordan, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Nepal!

Catch it at 9pm from Friday 15th to Thursday 21st December; all episodes will be repeated on Friday 22nd from 9pm.

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Friday 15

The Perfect Shot: Antarctica by Quinn Halleck
10:20, US
“The Perfect Shot” is an inventive and captivating documentary that profiles award-winning fine art photographer Artem Shestakov, as he attempts to photograph the most remote locations on the planet affected by the climate crisis.

Where Will We Go? by Rory Fitzpatrick
11:56, Ireland
Screams and uproar seem to be silenced far and wide in the North West of Ireland, as thousands of Mica & Pyrrhotite affected homes continue to split, crack, and crumble. Where Emma and her father call home, she is suddenly left to her own devices. Isolated amongst the daunting cracks, Emma must piece together all that remains.

Shepherds of Naar by Asmita Shrish
23:58, Nepal
Follow the shepherds leading the vast yak herds of one Nepalese village to higher pastures, and the troubles they face due to climate change.

Waste Whispers by Achmad Rezi Fahlevie
17:04, Indonesia
The story of a big trash disaster in Yogyakarta. When the Piyungan Waste Disposal Site closed for two months due to overloaded garbage, the city faced a messy situation. As waste collection services paused, trash started pilling up everywhere. People didn’t know what to do, so they ended up throwing trash on the streets, rivers, forest, and even the ocean. In the midst of this turmoil, air pollution spiked due to the practice of burning waste.

Saturday 16th

Abla by Said Najmi
15:00, Jordan
Abla is a portrait of a Palestinian refugee woman in her fifties, a pioneer and a compost expert and trainer in one of the world’s poorest countries in water Jordan. Despite all the challenges, she works hard to realize her dream of designing a naturally generative land.

That Cold Winter by Mohammad KakaeNezhad
7:30, Iran
The story of an exploited child whose life changes when he meets an old musician.

They Call Me Bridget by Tzarini Rose Meyler
14:42, Ireland
A young woman accused of witchcraft must confront her husband’s betrayal, to reclaim her story and find peace.

Shadows in the Snow: Snow Leopards by Abdullah Khan
27:04, Pakistan
In northern Pakistan’s frigid Karakoram mountains, snow leopards lead a solitary life; but climate change is forcing them to attack livestock at an alarming rate.

Sunday 17th

The lessons of Kilimanjaro by Said Tulyaganov
28:18, US
A captivating documentary film that chronicles the journey of Terry Peppers, an American adventurer, as he embarks on a remarkable expedition to conquer the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Blue Glacial Ice: The End of Reference by Pat Naldi
4:58, UK
A panoramic 360-degree video glide, towards and across the receding fifteen-kilometre wide and ninety-eight metres high Dahlbreen glacier, in the high Arctic area of Spitsbergen, Svalbard.

The Great Connection by Christen Bach
5:00, Germany
As a fibre optic cable suddenly appears at the bottom of the ocean. Mythological creatures gather to debate: is this their salvation or demise?

00:00 by Ole Aleksander Grov
4:49, Norway
Human element meets inanimate objects throughout the city, in an exploration to discover the reality of existence.

The Silent People by Keith O’Grady
17:58, Ireland
Against the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis, a young mixed-race Scots woman and a working-class Irish singer from Tallaght in Dublin are evicted without warning. After a year of living homeless on the streets, they chance upon the landlord that evicted them, and take him hostage.

Monday 18th

Machnamh by Muireann Hayes
13:06, Ireland
Machnamh is a documentary chronicling the construction and experience of building the first super adobe structure in Ireland.

The Night Before Christmas by Lincoln Fortes
7:30. Brazil
What would happen if an adult woke up just as Santa was coming down the chimney?

An Ocean Away by Wilma Casal
6:47, US
A weary fisher dreams of the big catch, when a shimmer of hope makes him understand that what he longs for only exists in freedom.

How to Handle the Wolf by Martijn Kramer & Jitse de Graaf
32:13, Netherlands
The return of the wolf to the Dutch wilderness in 2018 ignites a polarizing debate. This documentary explores solutions and looks at the Swedish policy.


Not My Bag by Beta Bajgart
27:00, Ireland
Not My Bag is a short documentary exploring our lifestyle choices, and examining individual responsibility for the climate crises that we face.

Temporades (Seasons) by Cristina Conde Tkatchenko
26:00, UK
Temporades explores seasonal work in a region in rural Catalonia. We observe the passing of a year through the lens of two family businesses. Through the passage of Winter to Summer, this film is an exploration of parallels; nature and industry, tourism and agriculture, work and leisure, history and future.

Arcadia by Małgorzata Paszko
8:33, Poland
A documentary impression about the destructive human impact on nature. There is only one sentence in the entire film: “Watch out”.

Wednesday 20th

kak irej by Jamshid Farajvand
20:00, Iran
A year in the life of a creative and environmental gardener, who has dedicated his life to nature, animals and the environment. He lives in the highest village in Iran. His name is Kak Iraj. Kak Iraj’s fascination with the environment is different from other gardeners. He loves the preservation of the environment so much even that he has made his tools from discarded materials.

Silviana Deluxe 250 by Frida E Elmström
13:25, Sweden
Every morning Silviana browns the bread to perfection. She is a toaster, in love with her owner. Her life is calm but bright, until the day a woman shows up in the kitchen.

Life on the Lough by Larry Cowan/Thomas Pollock
30:00, UK
Life on the Lough is a story about the internationally recognised Lough and the people and wildlife that rely on it

Thursday 21st

INUSSUK by Marcin Tomaszewski
15:37, Poland
The film is set on the west coast of Greenland in winter. Two big-wall climbers, Marcin Yeti Tomaszewski and Paweł Hałdaś, plan to establish the first ever climbing route at this time of year. It is narrated by independent voices – an Inuit woman recalling her father, a reflective narrator describing the climbers’ presence among the frozen fjords, and the climbers themselves.

Remembering Nearfield by Sean Alexander Carney
9:06, UK
Diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity, Wi-Fi is the last thing she needs. A rewarding true story of achievement, loss, difference, disability, radiation, resilience, science, and hope.

Silvātica by Julia Leppin & Julian Walss
7:40, Switzerland
Last winter, Silvan chose to challenge himself: While working in a nature reserve, he would live and sleep in the forest. This winter, reminiscing about the highs and lows, he repeats his wild idea.

Aisling by John Ó Faoláin
33:42, Ireland
A collaborative project with sean nós singer Lorcan Mac Mathúna, visual artist Rónán Ó Raghallaigh, and filmmaker John Ó Faoláin, that explores the music of visions through live performance and visual interpretation. The film captures the creative synthesis of Aisling-inspired music and visual art, revealing both the seen and unseen aspects of this visionary poetry. The camera becomes the 3rd eye, observing without interruption, while the filming process adapts a poetic style, evoking mood over a linear narrative.

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