Latest TV Celebrates Female Filmmakers in March!

Join us for the third edition of International Women’s Days – the film festival that celebrates female filmmakers from all corners of the world!

Taking place on 8th March, International Women’s Day serves to highlight both women’s achievements and the discrimination they face daily. But we don’t think one day is enough! We have over 40 short films, documentaries, animations and music videos on a diversity of topics, made by first-time and established filmmakers, from all ages and backgrounds.

Every night at 9pm from Friday 8th to Friday 15th March (except Wednesday). For more visuals, follow our Instagram page!

Friday 8th

Scene & Heard
– by Megan John
18:46, UK
A documentary that looks into the experiences of women in the DJ scene in Newcastle.

Labelled – by Megan McClennon
4:00, Canada
Falling into a world, a girl struggles to find herself so she can rise above the labels others have given her.

Slough – by Yuzhu Lan & Yutong Wang
15:16, China
A teenage girl who was raised as a boy in a patriarchal village in China is forced to marry a blind girl she has never met by her village clan and her father.

Her Water – by Nora Inés Dechant
4:40, Argentina
She (40) dances in the sky-green water. Dance like a child inside her mother’s womb. You listen to nature, the leaves of trees, birds, the sound of water. It is late afternoon. She walks among the ivy and trees drenched in water.

Face of Death – by Favour Egbekome Ademola-Luke
14:18, Nigeria
Dami, a young woman battling a rare illness, tragically succumbs to it and awakens in an ethereal realm. Confronted by a relentless entity, she forms an alliance with Teju, a courageous girl who guides her. Together, they navigate this otherworldly domain and encounter fellow souls awaiting judgement. Unsure of her fate, Dami must trust Teju’s conviction that she can defy Death itself and reclaim her mortal existence.

Friday 8th

Let Me Be Myself
– by Sheila Correia
27:00, Portugal
Far away from my home country, I came across the stereotypes of Brazilian women in Portugal. How to exist and find new ways of existence in a world of preconceptions?

Flower Power – by Eleanor Green
6:01, UK
A satirical and surreal nature documentary following the plight of a flower on a dark train platform as it’s harassed by a bee eager for pollination. The film is a darkly humorous examination of societal narratives around female safety and sexual harassment, asking questions of which clothing and behaviour constitutes ‘asking for it’ in society’s mind.

The Cave of Demons – by Nydia del Carmen
5:39, US
In this shadow puppet stop-motion animation, a young girl’s pursuit of the Flower of Eternity leads her into a chillingly transformative adventure.

Love Yourself First – by Melfin Pereira
14:33, UK
After using a dark magic card to create her desired world, a lonely teen must fight to escape a demon’s emotional manipulation and embrace self-love in order to return to reality.

Saturday 9th

Invisible Cities: New York
– by Alexis Karl
4:29, US
A woman walks NYC streets at midnight. The city manifests her: she is its heart and breath, its beauty and despair. She. Is. City.

Roofs – by Esme Duncan
3:04, UK
A short, animated documentary that explores six different people’s accounts of lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

Final Thoughts of Adelaide – by Ella Arlene
6:00, US
With her last day to live sneaking up on Adelaide, she must decide how to spend her remaining hours

Storks Always Come Home – by Halyna Koziutynska
28:46, Ukraine
Gala and Viktor bought an abandoned house in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Their dream is to create their own Paradise on Earth. But the war interferes with their lives.

Young Ones – by Edel McCormick &f Erin O’Rawe
10:39, UK
It’s Christmas. The outside world is aglow with festive joy and revelry. Meanwhile Jan, a young single mother struggling to make ends meet, believes that she has failed her daughter. Convinced that she is better off without her, it is not until Jan encounters an older woman at a train platform with a similar story, that she begins to reconsider her decision.

Saturday 9th

Mildred’s Exotic Meat Emporium
– by Zalika Jasmine English
4:57, UK
Annie’s dream of running a business becomes increasingly feasible after a visit to her Aunt Mildred’s butchery store takes a sinister turn.

Isabelle Walks with Angels – by Naomi Silver-Vézina
15:30, Canada
Isabelle is a young woman struggling to survive in a hostile world, when she encounters a motorcycle gang unlike any other…

Split Ends – by Aida Elkerdany
3:39, US
A haircut and its consequences.

Autodriver – by Meena Longjam
30:45, India
Laibi is a lady auto driver based in conflict torn Imphal city. In order to support an ailing husband and education of her two sons, she took up this profession defying a traditional society. Starting off as a daily wage labor in a brick farm where she earn only 60 rupees for loading 1000 bricks, she now has to face the discrimination of passengers who shun lady auto drivers.

Sunday 10th

Créatures Divines – by Arielle Lone
4:35, Canada
A satirical critique of the hypertextualization of women, male gaze and forced hyperfeminity on girls from a young age through the medias of fairytales, commercials, reality TV, video games and videoclips. We see in this film a young girl growing up in a world in which she doesn’t have ownership of her body and self.

You’ll Make It Home – by Sheryl Jenkins
3:54, UK
An animated music video using traditional, frame by frame drawn animation accompanying the track from Newcastle based acoustic band, Brick.

Monisto – by Gulnaz Galimullina
32:15, Republic of Bashkortostan
Monisto – the oldest breast jewelry made of coins. Its sacral meaning is protection. The breastplate also represented the owner’s status, age, wealth and ancestry. The main character of the film is the Monisto of Bashkir women. It is a witness to revolutions, repressions, the Great Patriotic War. The war took coin ornaments from each family. Women surrendered jewelry to the army. A few tons of silver melted into spare parts of military equipment, shell casings. Monisto is a guide in epochs and a link with the history of different peoples.

Gaea – by Ash Lo Russo
4:12, Canada
The art of burlesque and animation merge together in this rotoscoped short film.

Thread of Fate – by Melfin Pereira
3:34, UK
Part of Melfin Pereira’s Thread trilogy. In this standalone installment, Mia graces a ball with her presence, an event where she serendipitously encounters Edward, the man whose infatuation ultimately culminates in their union in the third and final installment, “Thread: Found Us.” As Mia dances with Edward at the ball, her mind drifts to her maid, Ammy, with whom she had shared the art of dance in the second film, “Thread: Just a Maid.” Mia’s emotional ambivalence and inner turmoil unwittingly spark the flames of Edward’s love.

Dilemma – by Carolina Ceca
4:49, Japan
Dilemma takes its starting point from the painting ‘Witches’ Sabbath’ (1797 – 1798) by the artist Francisco de Goya. In ‘Dilemma’, the darkness of the coven’s night dissipates and becomes a bright day, and the children take power. This work provides a contemporary look at art and its demons.

Sunday 10th

– by Rachel Sarah
4:30, UK
A short film that focuses on the bond between two Scottish winter climbers as they explore fickle conditions and joyful movement and connection through Scottish winter climbing.

Tracker – by Ella Haas
10:41, Germany
A woman stands on the edge of a balustrade, ready to jump. The film visualizes her anxieties, merged by her monologue and directed at ‘him’.

Electra Wasp – by Wasan Hayajneh
6:10, US
Stranded on the shores of Gardner Island, Amelia Earhart is bitten by a strange bug and undergoes a phantasmagorical journey down memory lane.

Nina – by Karen Alvarado
25:46, Mexico
“The story of my connection with my maternal grandmother. She passed away a few years ago, however, we maintained communication through dreams. She is alive in my memories and in those of my family. For love, time does not exist.”

Return to the Light – by Nada Esmaeel Alshikh
10:53, Syrian Arab Republic
The heart-wrenching tale of Sandra, a girl who cherishes life and her loved ones. But postpartum depression turns her life into a living nightmare.

Monday 11th

Over Her Shoulder
– by Izzy Thompson
15:10, UK
Carrie navigates an unexpected visit from her volatile partner: troubling her housemates and challenging the extent to which she can ignore her intuition.

Swaddle – by Pepi Eirew
4:53, US
A young girl finds family on an ancestry website and travels to meet them. A quirky take on the joys and pitfalls of DNA disclosure.

Bunny Decides to Go – by Vusala Hajiyeva
16:16, Azerbaijan
Wherever I go, I have to adapt to a new life and deal with the traumas I brought with me.

A Cup of Coffee? – by Magdalena Steiner
5:58, Austria
A broadcasting-fee inspector is just trying to do his job when he suddenly gets invited into an old lady’s apartment.

The Trajectory of Melancholia – by Andrea Erre
8:16, Mexico
The trajectory of melancholia is a conceptual audiovisual piece divided into five acts, each one representing the five stages of grief: denial, anger, sadness, negotiation and acceptance. A dreamlike dimension where fantasy and memories interweave to create a poetic story about the survival of domestic violence, forgiveness and the rebuilding of the soul.

The Pursuit of Beauty – by Lavinia Andreini
6:17, Italy
A young woman tries to pursue unrealistic beauty standards, which cause her to isolate from the rest of the world.

Tuesday 12th

– by Ella Arlene
6:00, US
A young girl home alone for the first time must brave the darkness that lurks in her home

Who I Am – by Lisiane Cohen
12:13, Brazil
Nina is a vivacious woman who has her story transformed by violence and begins to suffer a process of intense pain, aggravated by the social stigma of victim blaming and the trivialization of violence against women.

Unite for Bissau – by Iara Lee
40:00, US
Women in Guinea-Bissau are gaining self-sufficiency through agroecology while also confronting patriarchy and protesting female genital mutilation.

Thursday 14th

Day Sleeper – by Melfin Pereira
9:44, UK
A revealing exploration of women challenging stereotypes in the trucking industry, offering an untold perspective on their journey and shedding light on the unique experiences of women breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Laid to Rest – by Isabelle Pandora Byrne
4:58, UK
A short film about our inner narratives during mental health recovery.

Coming Clean – by Law Ballard
21:31, UK
Sex, drugs, and cleaning is the back drop for this short film that closes in on a day in the lives of four women, as they are confronted with their crumbling desires.

Hear the Voices from the House – by Sabina Abubakirova
18:25, Azerbaijan
In Azerbaijan, Sanubar and a courageous group of women are determined to break the culture of silence and fear surrounding domestic violence and femicide, using their strength and solidarity to empower survivors and ignite change.

Friday 15th


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