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Why is TV about scammers and swindlers so popular right now?

- 12 April 2022

There’s no doubt that stories about deception are engaging: false identities, trickery and comeuppance have...

Howl album art

Yumi and the weather – ‘Howl’

- 8 April 2022

Last time we saw Brighton’s alt-pop artist Yumi and the Weather, she was raising hair...

Debbie Harry


- 8 April 2022

Some of us may have seen Neville’s Island some years back at Chichester Festival Theatre...

Brighton Festival 2022


- 6 April 2022

Brighton Festival is soon to start and for lovers of contemporary dance there is already...

Chris Difford

Up the Junction with Chris Difford

- 4 April 2022

Chris Difford is a man of many faces: a songwriter for the likes of Elvis...

Photo Credit - Sequoia Ziff

‘Those beautiful sad quiet moments’ – ‘Memorial’, album review

- 4 April 2022

Listening to folk-pop duo Memorial’s self-titled debut album is like peering into a diorama. The...

Laser Harps by Tom Freer

Laser Harps by Tom Freer – with Yael Breuer

- 1 April 2022

Thomas Freer is a craftsman, sculptor, technician and electronics engineer. He also has experience in...

The Taxidermist's Daughter by Kate Mosse

The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Kate Mosse at Chichester Festival Theatre

- 1 April 2022

With spring in full bloom the season of festivals is about to start. Over in...

Bess Atwell, by Sequoia Ziff

Bess Atwell, ‘Co-op’

- 31 March 2022

Bess Atwell’s 2021 album ‘Already, Always’ packs the softest punch. Appearing on the horizon in...

Entertainment News

Entertainment News – Steve Barrey

- 28 March 2022

Local entrepreneur Steve Barrey has his fingers in many pies and one of the tastiest...

Ben Solomon's In a Torrington Haze

In a Torrington Haze – Reflecting on Ben Solomon’s stand out album

- 25 March 2022

Ben Solomon’s 2003 album ‘Torrington Haze’ is, in some ways, aptly named. It evokes the...

Songs for the betrayed world

Art about Auschwitz – Looking back at ‘Songs for the Betrayed World’

- 22 March 2022

Can there be art about Auschwitz? Of the 1.3 million people sent to the concentration...