- 18 November 2023

Local author Stevie Martin, author of Brighton Knocker Boys, pops back into the Latest TV...

LATEST NEWS – Yael Breuer interviews Juergen Krauss

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Juergen was the star of Bake off 2021. His semi finals departure triggered more than...

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The Vote with Author Nigel Jones

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Brand new episode of The Vote out now!

Queenspark Books from 1972 to now

Queenspark Books from 1972 to now

- 23 July 2019

Since 1972, Queenspark Books has been dedicated to gathering, preserving and making accessible Brighton and...

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Cowboy Hats and Poetry

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The Negligents, new novel by lawyer turned author, Kate Smith

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Exploring ‘The Secret Life of Mothers’

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Dr Alexandra Loske joined us in the studio to talk about her new book, Moon,...

Guiding Teen Girls to Womanhood, Latest TV is joined by author Kim McCabe

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The teenage years can be difficult and confusing, especially for young women, as 1 in...