Brighton Pride



- June 22, 2022

Jean Smart stars in two series of US hit comedy Hacks, the story of an...

Happy Pride from Becky Bekkie

- July 6, 2021

Happy Pride everyone! Last day of June and of the Pride Month, William Ranieri, received...

Pride Returns? Latest TV on a Potential Summer of Fun

- April 1, 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the Latest TV Presenter, Mike Mendoza, about...

Latest TV on the Story Behind Fabuloso

- August 12, 2020

Latest TV Presenter, Andrew Kay, looks at this year’s Pride Online event, including the story...

Lockdown Exclusive – Revovery of the City and Brighton Pride’s 2021 Theme

- May 21, 2020

News Editor, Mark Walker, discusses the recovery of the city economically following the coronavirus outbreak...

Bees in the Wood

PRIDE AT WORK – Bids Now Open For The Pride Social Impact Fund

- December 8, 2019

Community groups and good causes across Brighton and Hove are being invited to bid for...

The Big Brighton Beach Clean!

- August 9, 2019

A huge Beach Clean was planned for last Sunday following Brighton Pride, organised by the...

LGBT Train

- August 5, 2019

We look at a new Pride inspired train. A train decked out in Rainbow Flag...

Parading with Pride and Partying at Brighton Pride 2019

- August 4, 2019

Brighton once again became the most welcoming city on earth with hundreds of thousands of...

Mark Walker and Bill Smith discuss the jazz scene in the city this weekend

- August 2, 2019

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, and Bill Smith discuss the jazz scene in the...

Green Pride

- August 1, 2019

Finally, as we approach Pride this weekend, we take a look at Green Pride last...

Brighton Wow Episode 2

- April 14, 2019

Latest TV checks into Brighton Pride. Vince Venus explored the day, it’s guests and performers!