FilmPride – Brighton & Hove Pride’s LGBTQIA+ Film Festival on Latest TV!

FilmPride is Brighton & Hove Pride’s official LGBTQIA+ film festival, now in our fourth year.

As well as delivering live screenings as part of We Are Fabuloso – Brighton & Hove Pride’s official fundraiser for the Brighton Rainbow Fund, in the Community Village in Preston Park on 6th and 7th August, FilmPride will also screen a selection of films from the festival, along with a few extras, on Latest TV, from 8th to 21st August, every evening at 9pm.

FilmPride on TV will broadcast 40 films, documentaries and animations, from all corners of the world, on a variety of topics relating to our LGBTQIA+ community. Our emphasis is on diversity, authenticity, and positive queer, trans and disability representations. Here’s a taster of some of our films:

•  A documentary that follows a parent to four young children who is about to undergo top surgery
•  A drama about 2 octogenarian women who meet in a care home sixty years after their break up
•  A story told through circus, about two gay men who meet on a dating app
•  A feature documentary about a trans man in the Canadian army
•  A drama about a same-sex wedding in Japan
•  A love story about a young woman who is deaf and another who isn’t
•  An animated comedy about a young Norwegian girl’s journey to self-discovery
•  A short film about a son who discovers that his middle-aged Indian mother has a girlfriend
•  An animation about asexuality
•  A drama about a trans comedian who comes to term with a transphobic attack through her stand-up show
•  A drama about the queer Black Lives Matter movement in the USA

And much more!

For accessibility purposes, our programme includes English subtitles.

To find out more about FilmPride, visit

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