food and drink

Morrisons has introduced a ‘quiet hour’ to support stressed shoppers

- 23 July 2018

Morrison supermarket has introduced a ‘quiet hour’ launching tomorrow between 9-10 am to help support...

Sussex Food and Drink Awards 2018

- 12 February 2018

Sussex celebrated its cuisine at the county’s food awards. Hosted at the AMEX chefs, connoisseurs,...

murmur restaurant

New seafront restaurant gives Brighton something to shout about

- 11 August 2017

Great British Menu winner, Michael Bremner has opened a new restaurant on the seafront. Murmur...

Dines Out: The British Street Food Awards come to Brighton’s Big Screen

- 10 July 2017

It looks like street food is here to stay and who amongst can deny that...


Dines Out: Brighton’s Best

- 26 June 2017

A few months ago I wrote about Best of Brighton’s top twenty, a series of...

dines out

Dines Out: Wines of Portugal

- 19 June 2017

In amongst my trips out to dine I attend the occasional wine tasting too, yes...


Dines Out: Festival focus

- 12 June 2017

Battling alongside the Brighton Festival and Fringe, my attentions always turn at the end of...


Dines Out: Down to business

- 5 June 2017

After a week of standing up at events and talking it made a pleasant change...