Sami Ahmed and Lavinia Sgarabotto

Graduates deliver meals to local homeless shelters for Eid

- 27 April 2023

Two University of Brighton graduates enlisted the help of local restaurants to deliver over 70...

Clock Tower Sanctuary

The Clock Tower Sanctuary

- 6 December 2022

The Clock Tower Sanctuary is a Brighton based charity which provides a range of support...

Action on Homes: Festival of Ideas

- 11 October 2022

Action on Homes: Festival of Ideas – 19th October 2.30pm – 8.30pm at the Brighthelm...

Latest TV Gets an Update from Justlife!

- 3 February 2021

Latest TV Presenter, Yael Breuer, gets another update from Justlife about the issues of homelessness...

Conservative Councillor, Dawn Barnett, on Begging and Homelessness in the City!

- 15 January 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the Conservative Councillor for the Hangleton and...

EXCLUSIVE – Sussex Homeless Support Update – Jim Deans with his Very Special Christmas Message!

- 21 December 2020

Jim Deans, Founder of Sussex Homeless Support, speaks to Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker,...

Latest TV speaks to the Depaul Homeless organisation and it’s great work in our communities

- 29 June 2020

Mark Walker speaks to Ollie Wilson from the Depaul homeless organisation. Depaul UK works with...

The Vote with Mark Walker – Labour Councillor, Jackie O’Quinn and Conservative, Robert Nemeth

- 4 May 2020

Mark Walker speaks to Labour Councillor, Jackie O’Quinn and the Conservative Councillor, Robert Nemeth, about...

Homeless by the Sea

- 1 May 2020

Homeless By The Sea …. shows rough sleepers and the homeless tell us for the first...

Housing First helps and supports homeless people

- 24 February 2020

Are there any solutions for homeless people? Mark Walker interviews Green Party Councillor David Gibson...

A new assessment centre against homelessness in Brighton

- 11 November 2019

The Labour Party Councillor, Jackie O’Quinn, came into the studio to talk to Mark Walker...

Tears in the Dust – Season 1 Episode 4

- 30 July 2019

A gritty drama about homelessness and how it can happen to anyone