Music Reviews

BPO – Sea Songs – Ragnhild Hemsing (Hardanger fiddle), Joanna MacGregor (piano), Adam Hickox (conductor)

- 8 April 2024

Sea Songs but no singing? – never mind, this delightful concert had a distinctly marine...


Lamenti & Weh: an Easter Celebration – Brighton16, Matt Jelf (Artistic Director)

- 27 March 2024

The programme title implies a contrast of suffering and resurrection. Sadly, this concert included no...

BPO – Mighty River: Celebrating Women – Ayanna Witter-Johnson (guest performer), Joanna MacGregor (conductor)

- 9 March 2024

This was another of the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra’s risky concerts, so different was the mix...

Alistair McGowan

BPO – The Soldier’s Tale – Alistair McGowan (the Devil), Sian Edwards (conductor)

- 27 February 2024

This fabulous concert was more Brighton Philharmonic Jazz-bands than Orchestra as the ensemble on stage...

BPO-Wagner's Dream

BPO – Wagner’s Dream – Lotte Betts-Dean (mezzo soprano), Geoffrey Paterson (conductor)

- 29 January 2024

This concert was a bit of a risk, with two avant-garde 20th century composers and...

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

BPO – A Christmas Carol – Paul Ryan (narrator), Joanna MacGregor (conductor/piano)

- 16 December 2023

I really loved this enchanting presentation of the Dickens classic last year, so would it...

BREMF – ‘To the Northern Star’ – Flauguissimo

- 11 September 2023

Perfect for a sultry Sunday afternoon, Swedish Baroque music introduced by Johan Löfving on the...

BREMF – Triumphant Days, Charming Nights

BREMF – ‘Triumphant Days, Charming Nights’

- 6 July 2023

The BREMF Community Choir have a reputation for enthusiasm, thorough rehearsals and discipline. They also...

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra

BPO – New Year’s Eve Viennese Gala  – Stephen Bell (conductor), Ailish Tynan (soprano)

- 6 January 2023

A celebration not to be missed – unless, like me, you have a chest cough...


Towards Expressionism – Brighton16

- 11 July 2022

A scorching Saturday ended blissfully with 45 minutes of choral delight from this excellent choir...

BREMF Consort of Voices

BREMF – Transiting the Night Hours – BREMF Consort of Voices

- 27 June 2022

9.00pm is late to start any concert but the BREMF CofV keep one alert in...

In Echo

BREMF – In Transit to the Baroque – In Echo

- 27 June 2022

Gawain Glenton is a musical magician well known to the audience of the Brighton Early...