BONSAI Plant Kitchen

- 1 May 2023

I am loving the fact that the word vegan has suddenly morphed into the words...


- 1 May 2023

The effects of COVID and lockdown certainly took their toll on the food and hospitality...

Chilli Shaak

- 1 May 2023

Forget the take-away, some are okay of course, but not many can deliver food in...

More for the Omnivore at Carne in Hove

- 16 March 2023

In a city that, in my view, has wrongly been held as a bastion of...


- 19 July 2022

Transformation is hardly an adequate word to describe the changes made to a pub that...


- 20 June 2022

Kitchen hierarchy has always been a strictly structured concept and one couched in French terms....

Latest TV visits Wolfies of Hove Fish and Chips!

- 8 October 2020

Latest TV Presenter, Mike Mendoza, takes a trip to Wolfies of Hove Fish and Chips...

Latest TV on Eating Out to Help Out!

- 19 August 2020

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the Latest TV Presenter, Andrew Kay, about...

Jeremy’s at Borde Hill

Andrew Kay Dines – Jeremy’s at Borde Hill

- 16 March 2020

If longevity is the proof of success then few can be deemed as successful as...

Indian Summer brighton

Indian Summer in Spring!

- 14 March 2020

Fine Food, a Great Atmosphere & Immaculate Service at the Restaurant that Headed up the...

Andrew Kay Dines – MOSHIMO – Humble Pie

- 15 February 2020

January is over but for my final foray I went along to Moshimo, a firm...

Andrew Kay Dines Picture Too Perfect

Andrew Kay Dines – Picture Too Perfect

- 17 December 2019

I was checking out my social media presence the other day when I came upon...