The Landlady


Landlady: Air B and Beer

- 4 September 2017

Two weeks ago, I had an inundation of Airbnb clients. The Cuban Boyfriend, who is...


Landlady: Hammer Horror

- 24 July 2017

Oh God! I’ve got to do some DIY. I’ve managed to get away with doing...


Landlady: Personal Financial Crisis

- 18 July 2017

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve counted myself as extremely lucky to have...

Landlady: Commuter Love

- 10 July 2017

When I first began writing this column a mere 16 years ago, it was actually...


Landlady: Travelling Sailsman

- 26 June 2017

There is a heatwave in Brighton and, of course I am in Turkey, where heatwave...


Landlady: Hoover-Mania

- 19 June 2017

I’ve long been a fan of the cordless vacuum cleaner and have subscribed to a...


Landlady: Dust B and B

- 12 June 2017

It is funny that, four years after I stopped letting our rooms to students of...


Landlady: Man in a suitcase

- 5 June 2017

I am sitting in the shop in the Pier awaiting the inundation of foreign students...


Landlady: A change is as good as a rest

- 30 May 2017

As I get older, I try to retain a positive attitude towards new things as...


Landlady: Going spare

- 22 May 2017

Life is currently very peaceful at Landlady Towers. This is because it is mainly my...


Landlady: Highway to Hell

- 15 May 2017

I am flabbergasted to learn that the price of my little Turkish house has almost...

Landlady: Birthday BBQ

Landlady: Birthday BBQ

- 8 May 2017

My dear friends and neighbours in Turkey are having to demolish half of their house...