The Landlady


Landlady: Cold Turkey

- 2 May 2017

The Cuban Boyfriend and I are sitting on the beach in a nippy and windy...


Landlady: Pop into your local spa

- 24 April 2017

Every Easter holiday, The Small Daughter and I usually indulge in what has become known...


Landlady: Meals on wheels

- 10 April 2017

I am relieved that the clocks went forward a few weeks ago. Not only does...


The Landlady: Turkish Delight

- 3 April 2017

I am now in the fourth year of owning my little cottage in Turkey. I...


Landlady: The walls have fears

- 27 March 2017

While I was still in Cuba, I received a text from my French lodger asking...


Landlady: Take a rain check

- 20 March 2017

I’m in Havana again and the property market has gone mad. Everyone we know seems...


Landlady: A frosty reception

- 6 March 2017

I have never been a big fan of Scandinavia. I have to admit that my...


The Landlady: Shop ahoy!

- 20 February 2017

I’m sitting on an A380 Dreamliner on my way back from 5 days in Dubai....


The Landlady: Southern freeze

- 13 February 2017

I am on my way to a Scandinavian city to see The Cuban Boyfriend. Having...


The Landlady: No room at the inn… anywhere!

- 30 January 2017

I’m sure there’s currently an international shortage of places to stay. For a start, Landlady...


Landlady: BIG mistakes

- 16 January 2017

It’s a happy new year for some, but not for me as The Cuban Boyfriend...


Landlady: Twerking around the Christmas tree

- 10 January 2017

Even though I’ve done it for the last few years, it’s still a shock to...