University of Brighton

Northern Pool Frog

The Return of England’s Forgotten Frog

- 11 October 2022

Until their presumed extinction in 1995, one could hear the loud calls of the Pool...

emotive exhibition

Emotion in Art – Emotive Collective

- 24 February 2022

This exhibition shows the work of thirteen artists and designers, who explore their individual subjects...

The University of Brighton MSc Town Planning Course

The University of Brighton MSc Town Planning Course

- 20 February 2022

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for...

Brighton Centre for Contemporary Arts

- 2 September 2019

The University of Brighton will open the city’s first new contemporary public arts space in...

Study launched to help people with cerebral palsy

- 29 November 2017

A team from the University of Brighton is launching a new research project to find...

City unable to cope with extra cars say campaigners

- 27 September 2017

The University of Brighton and developer U+I’s plans for the Georgian Preston Barracks site in...