BrEMF – The IMAGE OF MELANCHOLY – Emma Kirkby & Jacob Heringman

Clear voices, precise diction and virtuoso finger-work celebrated 450 years since the birth of John Dowland (1563-1626). The participants in yesterday’s masterclass, Gwendolen Martin (soprano)  with Toby Carr (lute), Michael Solomon Williams (tenor) with Niki Andronikou (lute) and Anna Thunström (soprano) with Wezi Elliot (lute), shared the stage with two of Dowland’s greatest exponents, Emma Kirkby and Jacob Heringman.

However, the result was not a competition or lesson but rather a showcase of the wonderful up-and-coming talent we can look forward to in future years of BrEMF. Melancholy was Dowland’s calling card but delight and fun filled this glorious concert.

St. George’s Church, 8 November 2013


Andrew Connal

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