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- May 25, 2011

Zara Baker gets ready for summer with Power Plate classes at Revitalise

I was first introduced to Power Plates a few years ago. It was a half hour taster session in my lunch break that promised to revolutionise my workout.

With celebrity fans including Kylie Minogue, it piqued my interest. That, and I could go along in my work clothes, with no need for changing or showering as you don’t sweat as you would in a gym session, yet the results promised to be twice as effective as a gym class.

A lot has changed since that taster class. The premise is still the same and the workout is still effective, but Power Plates doesn’t have to be a dull workout; it can be extremely energetic too.

Before, it was a case of holding a position such as a squat with the back held straight and knees extended over the toes. This was held for 30 seconds, standing on the Power Plate machine.

The machine vibrates, transmitting waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions multiple times per second – so the workout is similar to doing a number of squats, even though you are standing still.

This is great and can still be done in a beginner class at Revitalise over in Hove (a little word of warning though, I wouldn’t stay in your work clothes or jeans; leggings or shorts are best).

There are now five top of the range Power Plate Pro5 Air machines at Revitalise. They also offer Power Plate courses, boosting you up to intermediate level, which is where the workout really begins.

Each class is different; the arms, legs and tummy can all be focused on, delivering a workout that is great for toning the body. The use of a soft ball or elastic strap can also be utilised in the workout to boost resistance and make the exercises even more effective.

Sit-ups can be done while on the Power Plates with the ball supporting the lower back. Squats, lunges and tricep dips can also be carried out while on the machines.

Each move is repeated for 30 seconds each side, the whole class being just 30 minutes long.

Intermediate and advanced classes are where things get really interesting, but going back to the beginning, Power Plate classes are also ideal for those who can’t do anything too strenuous, perhaps if they are recovering from an injury.

The last five minutes of the class is spent focusing on massaging the muscles that have been worked on. It’s fantastic for the neck and back too.

Power Plate classes are great when teamed with Pilates classes for effective yet gentle exercises. For those looking for something less taxing on the body, Revitalise are adding specialist Pilates classes to their busy timetable including back care classes and pregnancy Pilates.

Special offer: half price Power Plates classes – 10 classes for £75 instead of £150 to complete in one month, and if you do, you can purchase another
10 at half price and keep going until you don’t do 10 classes in a month!

Revitalise, 86 Church Road, Hove, 01273 738389,
health@revitalise-u.com, www.revitalise-u.com

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