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Comedy – Alex Horne interview

- October 12, 2011

Alex Horne, star of BBC4’s We Need Answer, author, stand-up and music maestro, chats with Victoria Nangle

VN: Hello Alex. You’ve got two shows on at the Brighton Comedy Festival. What’s that all about?
AH: Yes, sorry about that. My fault entirely. It’s just that I really like Brighton and there’s too much to do on one trip so I was forced to create two shows to get two slots so I could make two visits. Apologies again.

VN: You’re a bit of a Renaissance Man with your music, your comedy, and your books. What’s next?
AH: You say that, but I’ve got two young children so my life mainly revolves around poo at the moment. I’m really trying hard not to do a show about babies but it is starting to look inevitable. Either that or a reality show starring only me and set in a dump.

VN: Is there going to be another series of We Need Answers?
AH: I wish there was, Tim [Key] and Mark [Watson] both wish there was, and
in a recent survey, 30 million Britons wish there was – but no, I don’t think there will be. Not on BBC4 anyway. Sorry Britons.

VN: You went to school in Lancing. Does this mean you have fond memories of teenage years skiving off and heading into our beloved Brighton?
AH: Exactly. Yes. I spent most Saturday afternoons not liking the taste of lager in The Font And Firkin in the Lanes. We then had to sneak back in past the deputy-head at Shoreham Station. Wish it was still like that really. Slightly less poo.

VN: Do you have any grooming tips for others wishing to emulate your fabulous beard?
AH: Focus, focus, focus, location, location, location, plant, prune, plough.

VN: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
AH: Never eat anything that’s bigger than your head.

VN: Who makes you laugh so much you become concerned about your dignity?
AH: Penguins, people talking to themselves, and Tim Key.

VN: Why should everyone come and see your shows?
AH: They are compulsory.

Alex Horne – Seven Years In The Bathroom, Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome, 12 October, 7.45pm, £12; The Horne Section, The Old Market, 20 October, 9.30pm, £15/13.50,

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