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- November 30, 2011

Winter skin care
The new Origins Youthtopia Lift collection is out 26 December exclusively at John Lewis, Arnotts and Voisins so start saving those Christmas pennies now! Youthtopia Firming Cream (£45) is the perfect skin rescue – perfect for prepping the skin ready for the new year. With orange blossom, cardamom seed and geranium essential oils and wonderful, natural ingredients, this is the perfect indulgent treat for smoother, younger looking skin. The science behind it: new findings show that age, stress, fatigue and the loss of hyaluronic acid can cause skin to lose its volume and contours. The key ingredient here is Commiphora Mukul – which is extracted from the root of a tree indigenous to India. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years and helps volumise and re-densify the skin’s appearance. Gentle, nourishing and revitalising without being greasy and gloopy!

Winter read
The Flower In The Desert by Neil del Strother is one of those books selling fast, merely by ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. Even readers who are not interested in morality tales and simplistic fables portraying human qualities are recommending this book.

The Flower In The Desert by Neil del Strother, a journalist and writer, now based in East Sussex outlines the life of Sati, an orphan child.

We learn of Sati’s early life, living alone after the death of his father. We walk with Sati into adolescence, manhood, marriage, community life and human responsibilities.

Without religion, parents or schooling, Sati learns to follow his heart with truth and integrity.

The Flower In The Desert is available from £5.50.?Reviewed by Katharine O’Sullivan.

Winter Energy boost
There are times when we all need an energy boost, especially in winter. But the caffeine packed energy drinks we often choose are chock full of chemicals. A natural alternative is Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy. The blend of 100 per cent natural ingredients releases energy slowly over a longer period of time, creating a sustainable energy lift that avoids the short lift and sudden ‘crash’ of other energy drinks. All energy drinks have ‘effective ingredients’. Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy drink is no different – except that all the ingredients are 100 per cent natural and organic. Extracts from organic raw green coffee beans and organic Guarana give the physical and mental boost from caffeine, Ginseng helps relieve stress and Gingko Biloba helps boost mental focus.

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy is available from Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and at health food stores nationwide and costs £1.45 for a 250ml can.

Winter flu prevention
Protecting yourself against the flu virus is vital. Simple things like washing your hands thoroughly to stop the spread of germs are key. The seasonal flu jab is another preventative meassure and is particularly recommended to the elderly, women who are pregnant, and people with a long term illness. Boost your immune system as well with natural health supplement Immulina this winter. It works effectively to support the immune system, maintaining cells and safe-guarding you against illness and virus.

Available from Revital, Nutri Centre, pharmacies and health food stores,£25.50 for 30 capsules.

Winter joint care
A staggering 8.5 million people in Britain suffer from back pain, caused by arthritis (a topic explored in detail in Latest 7 last issue). To help ease arthritic pain, Power Health has launched a new Green Lipped Mussel tablets, to soothe swollen joints and arthritic pains. Carefully selected active ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric and collagen, help maintain flexible and healthy joints. Ideal for arthritis sufferers – those with back or neck pain; people who experience stiff or swollen joints; and athletes who need to maintain good joint health to prevent injury.

£6.25 for 20 capsules from

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