Thursday, March 21

Altered Egos

- March 5, 2012

Brighton-based poet, Bernadette Cremin pieces together a gorgeous and entrancing evening with these ‘six tales of untidy lives’. Playing the succession of characters, from debutante through to murderess, she hardly skips a beat. It’s an ask and what makes the performance is the pitch-perfect quality of observation with acuity of language/diction sacrosanct, as ever – ‘boning a soliloquy’, ‘the soft punch of jasmine taking my mind by the hand’.  Slivers of verse from her three collections – Perfect Mess, Speechless and Miming Silence – make it into the mix and some of the monologues, council estate livewire, Tina Regan’s especially, trip off the tongue with bags of added verve. This should go next to London.

New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place, 3 March 2012
Rating: ★★★★★
Jan Goodey

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