In a glazed set, weirdly mirroring that of The Rest Is Silence, Vanishing Point theatre company performed a work of quiet genius. Quiet as they were speaking but unheard as they enacted the oddest assembly of dinner party guests, some friends, some strangers, all thrown together to celebrate the longest night of the year in a place so hostile that each guest carried a gun. But that was only the tip of the ice-berg of discomfort created as the seven disparate, and sometimes desperate, characters mentally crashed into each other. The whole was narrated too, by a voyeuristic narrator, who had knowledge of who everyone was, what they were thinking and finally how they will reach their future demise. With moments of pure comedic brilliance, the dancing to Video Killed The Radio Star, I was never more than a breath away from crashing horror, the claustrophobic atmosphere, humiliation, anger, shame and lust again weirdly mirroring The Rest Is Silence. Quite the best piece of theatre I have seen for some time performed by eight outstanding actors.

Theatre Royal Brighton, 9 May 2012
Rating: ★★★★★
Andrew Kay

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