Friday, June 18

Festival! 8

- May 14, 2012

Comedy and music make up most of Festival! 8 and I guess that’s the fringe in a nutshell. Lynn Ruth Miller introduces us to the performers and the venues. At the Three and Ten the hotbed of fringe comedy and drama there is The Curse of Horse and Louis who are a madly inspired comedy duo and Vicky Nangle tells us which is which. Just down the road at Jive Monkey we meet Nicola Burgess and Carolyn Pallon alias Wanted For Crimes Against Jazz.. Sadie and The Faded Ladies are at Latest Musicbar while Sha Wylie engages in a thoroughly comic examination of ageing in And It’s Goodnight From Her. Unsurprisingly this show is in Hove. Oedipussy by Spymonkey and star Aussie comic Jimeoin are picked out by Vicky Nangle as genii and that’s enough comedy. Contemporary music is supplied by The Musicians Body and director Norman Jacobs tells all. Highlights are soprano Emma Kirkby and the music of Cornelius Cardew played by great musicians. 21 concerts, many literary events and as I write this every day I think I’m allowed to recommend something. So this one I choose. Go on give it a try. You will find a different type of beauty in Brighton.

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