Tuesday, October 26

The Great Puppet Horn Returns

- May 14, 2012

An odyssey of a widowed polar bear, a coalition government and the persecution of wind turbines all came together. This mixture of shadow puppetry with projected backgrounds, witty dialogue and funky acapella songs from the two chaps from the Pangolin’s Teatime Company was ambitious, detailed and engrossing. Juggling the main storylines with fun asides involving a topical alien (piquing the interest further of the hotly anticipated Prometheus) as well as touching on ‘weightier’ issues such global warming, asylum seekers and inter species relationships, this was incredibly fun and unlike anything else out there. A few rough corners, some excellent ideas and heaps of cardboard came together splendidly.

Upstairs At The Three And Ten, 12 May 2012
Rating: ★★★★☆
Vitoria Nangle

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