Festival! 11

Oscar Wilde, Brighton. Can there be anywhere more suitable to perform Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest? So that’s where Lynn Ruth Miller starts Festival! 11. Then we’re off to see more Wildean themes, love, money and bullying in The Cock And Tail Inn in its second successful run at Brighton Fringe. John Hinton’s Ragnarok, end of the world theatre for the end of the festival makes up our theatre coverage. Music is Andrew Kay’s pick and he needs a ticket urgently for the Sandy Denny revisited show while Joy Division are recalled by Manc lads Paul Morley and Kevin Cummins. One more week to go but then it’s Brighton Fashion Week 2012 and Vanessa Austin Locke previews the glamour event of the Brighton year and looks back at the last year’s amazing success for Brighton designers Jess Eaton and Edward Finney.

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