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Nicola Thomas looks at a potential restructure of Edward Street for a cleaner, greener future

- May 29, 2012

Over the past few columns we’ve shared some of our projects with you, as well as talked about trends in the Architectural world. This week we thought we’d share a project we have proposed as part of our community interest company, Green Sea, so you can get an idea about what really makes us tick. Green Sea is a collective of Brighton based construction professionals who share a common interest in our city.

This particular proposal is especially close to our hearts as it’s based in Edward Street, where our office is. Many of you will know Edward Street. It’s a hub of activity, a busy road, main bus route; big business, barristers and bingo – it’s all here! Sandwiched between Kemp Town, Tarner and Hanover, two areas which the local residents feel passionately about, it may all be going on, but at what cost? We got some key stakeholders together including Amex, St James Street Action Group, Local Action Trust, Brighton and Hove City Council for a consultation workshop to find out what they didn’t like.

So what did they say? Fast moving traffic, lots of noise, few trees it all makes for something of a harsh environment.

A new vision for Edward Street
With the suggestions in mind we have come up with a vision for a cleaner, greener Edward Street for those who live and work here:
• Narrowing the road to single lane carriageways allowing for bus lay-bys and delivery bays
• Widen pavements to provide pedestrian comfort and safety, seating, planting and cycle racks.
• Create space for built interventions such as spaces for shelter, sitting, gaining information
• Green the central reservation
• Green roofs and walls to identified buildings
• Wild flower planting zones
• Cycle paths
• Identify potential building plots and disused buildings to provide new buildings that will improve the design and scale of the street and activate under used public spaces
• Reduce the distinction between pavement and road in places to provide shared space and a “sense of place”
What do you think of the project? Is this kind of regeneration something you feel strongly about? What about local business and communities working together to make greener, healthier space? Tweet us your views and comments – we’d love to hear from you! @ArchAngelsBton.

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