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The Vote: Episode 4

- June 11, 2012

Brighton and Hove will soon have its own terrestrial TV channel and democracy, localism and political debate will be a big part of Brighton’s new channel.

Question Time on BBC 1 has proved that political TV need not be boring and we believe our new show The Vote on amplifies this.

In episode 4 we look at the new leader of Brighton and Hove Council, The Green Party’s Cllr Jason Kitcat that has been having a well publicised twitter feud with Labour’s Chief Whip in The House Of Lords Lord Steve Bassam. For the first time they debate in person in the latest episode and it’s riveting TV!

As if that’s not enough they are joined by one of the greatest debaters in The Conservative Party Cllr Mary Mears and I don’t just mean in Brighton.

Park yourself in front of a screen and listen to them debate all the Big Brighton issues, oh and parking as well!

Bill Randall talks about his year in office as first Green council leader while The Treason Show’s Mark Brailsford looks back at the year that was for The Greens.

Frank le Duc does the Dimbleby bit and I know I’m biased but I’m hooked!

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