Catalyst Club – June

The Latest Music Bar was full of life as the speakers were announced by our wonderful host Dr David Bramwell. Each talk was vibrant and yet extremely informative as the evening progressed.

It all kicked off with an intellectual talk by Anil Seth on Consciousness and the scientific approach to it via research carried out. Followed with a bang by an unusual set up for the Catalyst Club in the form of an interview…Barbara Moore of The Ladybirds, a well established composer/arranger interviewed by Radio Reverb’s Lorraine Bowen on her career. Then it finished with Ulysees Black on his vivid experiences of the Padstow Mayday Celebrations.

Despite the technical hitches, once again, this event was a triumph.

Latest Music Bar, 14 June 2012
Rating: ★★★★☆
Sascha Cooper

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