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- October 29, 2012

Excuse me for forgetting about many a summer through the nineties with a soundtrack from the great Dodgy; Nigel Clarke, Andy Miller and Matthew Priest. ‘Staying Out For The Summer’, ‘Let Me Go Far’, ‘Melodies Haunt You’, ‘Grassman’, ‘Lovebirds’… too many to keep listing and tonight was no exception. Dodgy were back and on form, gliding through the years with ease and with tunes like ‘Jack The Lad’ and ‘If You’re Thinking Of M’. Brilliant.

Northern soul has also come with Dodgy, bringing to us covers of Al Wilson’s ‘The Snake’ and Frank Wilson’s ‘Do I Love You’. Which seems to be there whole reason FOR doing this tour. The years go by but Dodgy never fail to impress. Their blend of English 60’s power pop melodies tickle your senses forever. They released there first album over a decade ago and now the new one, ‘Stand Upright In A Cool Place’ is just as relevant. To end the show they do a more relaxed approach to their classic hit ‘Good Enough’. Every one in the house, young and older, couldn’t help but sing along. Keep rolling on Dodgy. We will definately see you next time.

The Haunt, 25 October 2012
Rating: ★★★★★
Andy Forward

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