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BREMF: The 1598 Florentine Intermedi

- November 5, 2012

An intermedo is a trifle, a frivolous mixture to delight, titillate and impress. These six scenarios to embellish a sumptuous Medici wedding came across in splendour. The gathering of musicians was magnificent: top-class instrumentalists and solo singers astonishing with their fluency and grace, well matched by the competence and musicality of three excellent choirs. Then special effects lifted it to an even higher level, especially the aerial ballets. This wondrous confection was securely directed by Deborah Roberts and David Allinson. They were crazy to take it on, and then deliver two performances in one day, but what a brilliant success!

St Bartholomew’s Church, 3 November 2012
Rating: ★★★★★
Andrew Connal

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