Wednesday, October 20

BREMF – Secret Carnivals – Musica Secreta & Celestial Sirens

- November 12, 2012

Pure of voice and gentle of tone the Celestial Sirens certainly live up to their name. With Claire Williams and Laurie Stras (organ) and Frances Kelly (harp), all dressed as nuns they lured a large audience into Brighton’s coldest church. They kept us there in the drafty gloom on rickety, cramped wooden chairs for a full two hours, prey to their beautiful sounds. Our reward was a programme of rich variety within the constraints of a cloistered repertoire. Overcoming seasonal illnesses (with wonderful Sally Dunkley stepping in at the last minute) their performance had a distinctive, exquisite and endearing style.

St Michael’s Church, Brighton, 10 November 2012
Rating: ★★★★½
Andrew Connal

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