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The Victorian in the Wall

- April 4, 2013

Will Adamsdale’s ensenble piece recounts the painfully all-too-familar story of a feckless writer, Guy, and his long-suffering girlfriend, Fi. When she is called away on business Guy is left in charge of the building work, which results in the discovery of the living titular character. As Guy introduces the 19th century man to the modern world (via box-sets of The Wire) we discover the history of the house and its inhabitants. Fans of Milton Jones will find Adamsdale’s aimable flights of fancy comforting and his writing takes enough clever side-swipes at middle class life to avoid being too predictable, and has a real emotional core, while the cast’s songs lift the show from the mundane.

Studio Theatre, Brighton Dome, 2 April 2013
Rating: ★★★★☆
Bradley Pilcher

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  1. April 25, 2013 by jeff firth

    Just brilliant. We both came away saying this stands out as the best show we have seen for some time. Just loved the lateral thought processes. It was like a play by Eddie Izzard plus more. Ironic that the main character suffers from writers cramp, yet the play is completely free flowing and imaginative bliss. Congratulations to whoever put this together. Our lives have been lifted.

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