Brighton and Hove bin strike prompts Greens to talk about replacing their council leader

Binmen and street cleaners in Brighton and Hove are on strike for a second day today (Thursday 9 May).

The walkout was prompted by proposed changes to pay and conditions which those on unofficial strike say could cost some workers up to £4,000 a year.

The dispute has also prompted Green councillors and supporters to talk openly about whether the party should replace Jason Kitcat as leader.

Councillor Kitcat is also the leader of Brighton and Hove City Council.

The Brighton and Hove Green Party held an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday evening (7 May).

Members voted to ask councillors to take control over the pay talks which were delegated to unelected officials at a meeting in January.

One Green supporter, Duncan Roy, said on his Scrapper Duncan blog: “The complexity of the pay structures has arisen because of the way Brighton and Hove City Council came into being.

“Essentially, two local authorities with differing pay structures merged but left the already complicated salary arrangements intact. No one disputes that.

“The dispute is about whether this should be sorted out by elected, accountable politicians or by officers who don’t have to face political consequences for their actions.

“Since Mr Kitcat’s administration has chosen let the technocrats take over, we Greens find ourselves in the absurd position of being in the same party as an administration which plans to cut the pay of the lowest paid workers.

“This is intolerable. Plans are afoot to remove Jason Kitcat as council leader.

“A rebellion is being planned among those Green councillors who wish to remain loyal to their party’s clear policy.”

Councillor Alex Phillips said on Twitter that if she were Councillor Kitcat she would resign for having misled the Green group of councillors about the process for producing the pay proposals.

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