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Sam’s Supper Club

- May 13, 2013

For many, the idea of eating delicious, beautifully prepared sumptuous food leisurely in civilised surroundings does not sit with the idea of Festival and Fringe eating – but then they’ve not discovered Sam’s Supper Club. From the people behind the delicious food at Sam’s Of Brighton comes this pop-up treat in the Speigeltent plot, offering a four-course fixed menu and a fast track walk-in to the evening’s show at the big tent itself (ticket not included).

Easing us into the whole chandalier-lit experience was a smooth and tasty field mushroom soup with chives and white truffle oil. Just the right amount – more than simply a taste but not overpowering – this set the tone of delightful luxury for the evening.

Next up was warm crab, garlic and chilli tartlet with dressed white crab salad, fennel and lemon carpaccio. Warm, fresh and delicious, the crab pieces and crumbly pastry with just a taste of chilli melted in the mouth.

The main course fed the senses before it even hit the fork as I took a moment to simply inhale the fabulous aromas. Roast rump of South Downs lamb with crepe mushroom gratin, nicoise beans with stand out seasoning and a rosemary red wine sauce. All of the courses looked as enticing as they were delicious, with the presentation again emphasising that this was a sanctuary from the frenetic energy outside, combined with their own creativity for the tastebuds.

Finally, a treat of a sweet in an English strawberry trifle with toasted almonds, that reminded me just why I’ve always loved jelly and sponge. A classic dessert for the Spring that keeps on peeking through.

At £30 a head, this was incredibly good value, but if you’re after something on the go, dashing off to another show, their lamb burgers are on hand for a takeaway meal and they looked as tasty as everything else coming out of the kitchen.

An oasis of great dining in a kinetic ocean of marvellous Festival and Fringe activity, with the dulcet tones of live acoustic music drifting in from the bar, Sam’s Supper Club feels as Bohemian as any show and leaves the taste of something new and yummy lingering in a most satisfying manner.

Sam’s Supper Club, Speigeltent, 12 May 2013
Victoria Nangle

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