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Latest.TV Bmusic Viewers Choice Award

- May 13, 2013

This week the spotlight falls on the five nominee bands for the Latest.TV Bmusic Viewers Choice Award.

Since moving to Brighton in 2011 Mel Sanson a.k.a. ‘Kenelis’ has teamed up with some of the best local talent fusing Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Metal and Grunge to create a Power House EP of hard hitting riffs and ear-pleasing melodies. Lyrics are about sticking it to the man, women or whoever, Mel’s new EP, Move, is a no nonsense, honest reflection of her love for music, rants about life and decision to leave her hometown to start ‘Kenelis’ again in Brighton.

Brighton based House Of Hats deliver a textured and pure sound with male and female figures sharing the lead. All four members, Noddy, James and Brothers Alex and Rob Gigante, have been close friends for many years. They are all musicians/songwriters/performers and were all part of different projects in the same music circuit for a long time. If House Of Hats are to be put in the cauldron of emerging singer-songwriter/folk artists, they certainly bring something new and exciting to the folk scene that has not yet been heard.

TIME FOR Travels/Temples/Tits/Tigers/Tea
“Devendra Banhart cavorting with Little Joy after too many spiced ciders. One of the most diverse and exciting bands on the local scene. Time For T must be recognised for being notable forces within the world of poetry as well as pop music. Also more than straightforward folk pop guitar, Time for T’s soaring harmonies and a commanding backing beat makes them stand out from the crowd.

Black Bonds are a four-piece rock band from Brighton. Clutching the new music scene with both hands Black Bonds are the newest of alternative/rock bands to be making themselves heard. The band aim to produce a new, energetic sound with the roots of old school rock still shining through. Black Bonds debut EP, Devil’s Gold, is due for release in early 2013 and with comparisons already being made to the likes of The Pixies, Kings Of Leon and Interpol., this is set to be the start of something great.

The King Zoots’ Influenced by the style and swagger of 60’s England, The King Zoots create a sound unmistakably British. Hailing from the same small, suburban town on the outskirts of London the band have been widely touted as the rock n roll saviours the music scene has been crying out for. Now is a time where chart music has become unsustainably dull and bland. A nation that’s lost it’s cultural identity. Devoid of the style and characters and personalites that made music that actually meant something to the people.

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