Celebcity: Keira Knightley chooses Brighton over Cannes

Keira Knightley chooses Brighton over Cannes; Sir Mick Jagger compares us to the Caribbean, Peter Andre moves out & a familiar face comes to town

Escape greats
The Great Escape Festival always brings with it its fair share of celebrity sightings and 2013’s pick even went a little A-list. Amongst the revellers that overtook our fair city for the industry insiders’ favourite festival was the recently married Keira Knightley. The actress was spotted enjoying some sea air on Brighton beach before moshing away at her husband’s Klaxons’ gig. Having married the keyboardist in France on 4 May (in a LOW KEY wedding – in case you hadn’t already heard this three million times already) it seems the newlyweds are currently inseparable, with Keira shunning the prestigious Cannes Festival to get down and dirty with the band. The gig at the Dome’s Corn Exchange marked the Klaxons’ comeback after two years out of the limelight and it seems a lot of music fans are excited to have them back.

Over at the alternative Great Escape we spotted Rizzle Kicks’ Harley checking out Hackney rapper Mikill Pane at the Fishbowl pub. Nodding his head along to tracks like ‘Dirty Rider’ (based on the rapper’s bad-ass cycling travels around London) and Smashing Bricks, Harley even treated his mate Pane to a much needed drink. Mikill’s debut album is scheduled to come out this year following his single ‘Blame Miss Barclay’, and I think we’ll be in line (alongside Harley) to get our hands on it. Other highlights included Iggy Azalea, John Newman, V.V. Brown and current indie faves Bastille. We miss it already.

The only way to roll
Sir Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones fame recently confirmed that camping in the Caribbean is ‘just the same as Brighton – there’s just less chance of bad weather”. Despite not seeing Mick take to our pebbly beachside of recent, it was nice to hear him agree with what we all knew already. Mick made the comments whilst discussing his upcoming headline spot at Glastonbury – of which he plans to make a weekend of it with the family. Speaking to Q magazine about the appearance, he said: “I’ve got nothing else to do on Glasto weekend, and I want to spend some time with my family and have a good time as well.” Perhaps when they’re done the Jagger family can pack up the yurts and take them down here as well. We’ll get the Pina Coladas ready, Mick.

Peter Andre moves home
Peter Andre is selling his current Brighton home, but before you throw yourself off the end of the pier in distress, he isn’t promising to move very far away. Writing in his ever-exciting new! Magazine column Andre explained that he is now planning to buy a pied a terre (our French idiom – not his) in London and “a house with lots of land between where I live now and Brighton”. Pete was keen to add that this was not a sign that he and his girlfriend Emily – who is based in Bristol – were going to live together, but rather a step towards making the relationship more serious. Get your wedding hats at the ready!

Royalty in Brighton
If you think you saw a ghost in Brighton, we can officially clear up the matter: it was in fact Patrick Myers, who will be performing as Freddie Mercury as part of Killer Queen on Thursday 6 June at the Brighton Centre. Patrick was down in Brighton for a pre-show photoshoot. Time Out described Patrick’s resemblance to Freddie Mercury as “Spooky,” and his uncanny likeness was further proven when he recorded a number one hit single singing as Freddie Mercury on Fat Boy Slim’s record ‘The Real Life!’

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