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Horoscopes: 11- 17 June 2013

- June 11, 2013

ARIES {Mar 21–Apr 20}
Beliefs could become a bone of contention, and you may be required to accept that yours may look more like lead balloons in the eyes of your peers. It’s better to relinquish any ego attachments which lead to conflict, and keep an open mind.

TAURUS {Apr 21–May 21}
There’s no shame in being interested in the pleasures that life has to offer, but it may be tough going for your more serious friends who have important matters to discuss. What a drag! But you’re in tune, showing a little sympathy can go a long way.

GEMINI {May 22–June 21}
With courageous Mars boosting your self esteem, you may discover a strong desire to be at the centre of the action. Or it could be that you experience a nagging dissatisfaction from being sidelined. You can make progress by instigating. The world might not notice you, but you can chase it!

CANCER {June 22–July 22}
You have a keener sense of diplomacy with Venus paying your sign a visit. It’s always interesting that half of what makes people beautiful during a Venus transit is their more relaxed attitude. Keep that sense of balance, and doors will open.

LEO {July 23–Aug 22}
Perhaps a wider circle of friends would do you the world of good. Sometimes it’s hard to break lifestyle habits when you surround yourself with people who serve only to perpetuate it. New friends will spice up your life now and give you the best possible platform to shine.

VIRGO {Aug 23–Sep 22}
Your ever curious ruler Mercury changes sign. Meetings with people who think and feel alike can support your vision of the future. Grace honours you with the confidence of a senior authority figure: you can not only ask for what you want, but know you rightfully deserve it when it comes.

LIBRA {Sep 23–Oct 22}
You can experience your boss’s favour for a while as your ruler tunes you into the working zeitgeist; you appear to be the only one who knows his donkey from his elbow! Relationships can really push your buttons, so learn to surf the waves of change.

SCORPIO {Oct 23–Nov 21}
As your ruler opposes delectable Venus, partnerships can heat up, sizzle and rocket, especially in matters surrounding beliefs. Considering that agreeing all the time is a little boring, some fiery disagreement could remind you that there’s always more to learn.

SAGITTARIUS {Nov 22–Dec 20}
If you want to delve into the mysteries of the universe then this week will prove timely. Understanding how to appropriately value yourself will give your demands some credence during important negotiations. Love will have a transforming impact on your life.

CAPRICORN {Dec 21–Jan 19}
Love takes on special significance as Venus opposes transforming Pluto. Love can only deepen, especially when it is confronting to your personal sense of freedom and potency. Uranus is currently lightening the burden as it teaches you about friendship being the key ingredient to true love.

AQUARIUS {Jan 20–Feb 19}
With Saturn, the planet of limitation, retrograding in your tenth house of public recognition, it’s always better to be known for all the right reasons. You could meet love suddenly via a work colleague, so it’s not a stay in bed kind of week – or maybe it is?

PISCES {Feb 20–Mar 20}
Stay at home if you must, but don’t expect to get any rest there! Not while Mars is kicking up a stink and taking the ‘tranquil’ out of tranquilizer. You may as well enjoy the attention, as while it may not be overt, you’re causing a stir with your sensual undercurrents. Admirers are flocking.

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