The Wolverine (12A)

This time, it is ‘Walk The Line’ and ‘Girl Interrupted’ director James Mangold who has taken on the responsibility of getting Logan to protract those adamantium claws in the second film to focus solely on the character of Wolverine. Adapted from a collaboration from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, this chapter carries a darker tone and explores Wolverine’s immortality as the main theme. Much like Miller’s take on Batman with ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, ‘The Wolverine’ is a slightly more thought-provoking action story than its predecessors. Set in Japan, the action is elaborate and enthralling, coming in intermittent waves through a richer plot of death, loyalty and ultimate greed with a few choice quips from the Wolverine himself. At last the summer has presented us with a smarter, structured and sleek superhero movie.

Released in cinemas 26 July 2013
Rating: ★★★★☆
Holly Cozens

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