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Blues, Roots and Beer Festival

- September 30, 2013

On the first night’s evidence this festival suffered from a case of ‘too-big-a-venue syndrome’. The dozen local ales on offer looked pathetically small in such a cavernous auditorium. The audience numbers were modest but again looked sparse when spread over a wide area. As for the music, well it was all perfectly decent and enjoyable. For those expecting a taste of Robert Johnson or Blind Lemon Jefferson I can only imagine they left disapppointed as the ‘Blues’ element consisted of covers of ‘modern’ artists inspired by the Blues (Hawkwind, Clapton, Joplin etc). But the ‘Roots’ element was delivered in spades by a raft of local earthy folk groups.

Pavilion Theatre, Worthing, 27 September 2013
Rating: ★★★½☆
Lee Stevens

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