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An Evening of Burlesque

- December 16, 2013

A fabulous show reminiscent of a 1940’s variety performance. It was an evening of dancing, singing, frivolity and some comedy thrown in for good measure. Ivy Paige compered the evening and the audience were kept simmering with her comedic skills. She introduced amazing acts. Amongst many, they included the Folly Mixtures and Amber Topaz who was charismatic and sung beautifully. Throughout there was a mist of hair, flashes of scarlet lips, a swirl of tassels, stilettos, stockings and sequins. Burlesque has come a long way since its roots of Greek satire and the cast did it justice. The show was a glittering success.

Theatre Royal Brighton  14 December 2014 
Rating: ★★★★★ 
Julie Hayward

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