Black Box Book Launch

Peter Langman, author of Slender Threads; an autobiography about his battle with Parkinsons Disease, has written a book of short stories; Black Box. Some encounters from lives that have truly been lived, and will indeed leave you shocked, but still turning the page, wanting to know what plot might be painted with the next victims blood and splashed all over your mind’s eye. Twisted tales told, written with language which rolls of the tongue, and keeps you gripped, white knuckled; leaving you glazed from the unknown. Truly poetic and beautifully disturbing. A book like you have never read before.

Earth & Stars, Brighton, 4 March 2014
Rating: ★★★★½
Jade Hylton


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  2. Vera Hes says:

    This book from Peter Langman Slender Threads is in my Opinion a very good Book. Having Parkinson myself, I was not shocked at all,
    he wrote this Book in a way that you really want to know what comes next. It was a plessure for me reading this Book, I like his Styl and locking forward to his next Book. Well Done!!

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