Wednesday, April 25


- March 14, 2014

A great opportunity to see professional comics trying out new material, mixed in with a bit of the old stuff, in an intimate setting. Compered by Aidan Goatley, who was as charmingly misanthropic as ever, the show opened with a remarkably tight and impressive new set from Phil Jerrod. Unshakeable, and giving the impression of a Tazmanian Devil from the English countryside, Jerrod’s left-turns and unflawed construction of his own world was compulsive. Mark Smith was looser in his format, and took us through an engaging schedule of his day. Amy Howervska’s set was brash and rude, that jarred a little with this audience but was delivered with joyful energy. Closing was Sean McLoughlan, who showed us once again what a treat it is to have a brutal and sweet honesty entwined into intelligent and articulate comedy.

Upstairs At Three And Ten, 13 March 2014
Rating: ★★★½☆
Victoria Nangle

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