SKI TWO, ONE with Red Todgers and Dirty Bin

In a mauve ’80s ski suit and dinner-jacketed-bear costume, respectively, odd couple extraordinaire Flange Krammer and Chapsom Bear helm a feast of character comedy, wanton wordplay, audience participation and stand-up. ‘Flangie’ – an ingenious creation played with warmth and relish – and his strangely lovable sidekick plough headlong into their handmade gameshow world with Vic and Bob-like gusto. Phil Lucas’s high energy blend of surreal celebrity slander and incisive silliness, Lindsay Sharman’s gem of a character (the luminous Madame Magenta) and Sean McLoughlin’s disenfranchised style and sharp wit all keep the laughter flowing. Although a touch shambolic, the night is liberally dusted with comedic brilliance across a clever format encompassing both nostalgia and originality.

The Old Market, 8 July 2014
Rating: ★★★★☆
Rosie James

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