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The Maydays: Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show

- July 9, 2014

Early 1990’s cult classic sci-fi TV programme ‘Quantum Leap’ was given a new lease of life by comedy improvisation group The Maydays, as they performed a new episode with settings and plot suggested by members of the audience. As a fan of the programme, I was thrilled to hear in-jokes and references, the theme music played and character-appropriate costumes. For audience members unfamiliar with the show, an introduction was given, and there was enough laughs, silliness and surrealness to appeal to everyone. Hugely fun, a good laugh, and satisfyingly geeky, this was both an original concept, and a respectful homage.

Komedia, 4 July 2014
Rating: ★★★★★
Laura Fernandez-Kayne

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